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Guiding Future Stars to Gaining Future Success
Student-Athlete Success
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You have selected a college. Now what?  It is time to prepare for the demands of being a college student-athlete. What do you need to know to be a successful student-athlete?  What do you need to do to be a successful student-athlete? The GFS Student-Athlete Success Program will help prospective student-athletes excel in the classroom, on the field, and in the community.  GFS will educate, guide, and inspire prospective student-athletes to be great in all aspects of their lives in college.

GFS will focus on the following ideas

  • Discover how to handle the transition from high school to college 
  • How to set goals? 
  • How to manage your time wisely?
  • How to prepare athletically for your freshmen year?
  • How to balance life as a college student-athlete?
  • Understand what type of learner are you? How that effects your study habits?
  • Writing for success in college
  • How to communicate effectively?  How to resolve conflict?
  • How to live a healthy lifestyle in college?
  • Managing Money
  • Planning a career
  • And much more...

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Student-Athlete Success Program

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